The Investment Club Syndicate

An Investment Club is a group of people who have a common economic interest. This Membership Portal drives these people to actively pursue that interest in order to create a secure economy for all participants in that 'Economic Group'. We help our members build wealth through group economics, personal financial planning and investing. Start an Investment Club with your Peers, Family, Church, or other Professionals. Join as a group to reduce costs! 

Start Your Investment Club

The Investment Club Creator

We help our members put together their group of family or friends to pool their money and make investments.  We guide your investment club through the legal set up, helping you find your members, provide the technology, the business strategies and investment accounts. 

Start A Kids Investment Club

Kids Club Investment Training

Parents & their children learn the basics of the stock market while investing as part of an Investment Club. Following the principles of Learn, Plan, & Invest, club members will receive financial education, gain the ability to make economic plans, and learn the principles of investing.

Business Development

Business Start Up Factory

Entrepreneurs and those who desire to become business owners, will learn the principles of eCommerce as well as Finance & Investment Fundamentals that will last a lifetime. Participants learn the basics of the stock market while investing to advance their entrepreneurial endeavours using group economics.

Real Estate Investment

Landlord Empire

A real estate investment group refers to an entity that focuses the majority of its business on investing in real estate. Real Estate investment groups may choose to buy, renovate, sell, or finance properties. We identify your Club's goals and show the members how to turn an investment club into their own Real Estate Investment Company.

Club Member Features

Our goal is to help our Members create Investment Groups to redevelop communities through Business Creation and Real Estate Development. Thousands have now found investment clubs to be the smarter, more fun solution to investing in today's market. Not only are you bound to make smarter, more sound, safer solutions - you get to make more friends and socialize!

  • Access & Affordability

    What makes our solution unique is that we use technology to offer our clients Financial Education and access to previously unavailable Investment Tools, Strategies and Accounts with no Investment Minimums. 

  • Online Investing

    • Investment Automation

    • Fractional Shares

    • Dollar Based Investing

    • Commission Free Portfolio Trades

    • No Investment Minimums

    • Customized Investment Portfolios

    • Auto Rebalancing

    • Tax Loss Harvesting

    • Fiduciary Responsibility

    • 24/7 Account Access

  • Education & Planning

    • Group Economics
    • Community Development
    • Financial Education
    • Business planning
    • Investor psychology 
    • Behavioral Finance
    • Entrepreneurship Training
    • Investment Planning
    • Financial Forecasting
    • Asset Analysis
    • Multiple eBooks, videos, & other resources
  • Investment Club Services

    • Individual Investment Strategy Consultations

    • Group Coaching Calls

    • Financial Calculators

    • Asset Allocation Assessments

    • Online Individual Investment Account

    • Online Individual Retirement Account

    • Online Investment Club Account