The Investment Club Syndicate

Investment Club Wealth Management Solutions

Our goal for you as a client is that your Investment Club Build Wealth now and into the future. We are an Investment Advisory Firm dedicated to helping our clients Start Investment Clubs as they Learn, Plan & Invest for themselves, their families and their legacy.


Group Economics In Action!

  • The Investment Club Creator

    Our Basic Membership includes the Investment Club Creator Program which is designed to help you start an Investment Club.


    Our platform provides full-service brokerage, investment advisory, and services for Investment Syndication. 


    Membership Includes:

    • Online Investment Accounts
    • Investment Automation

    • Fractional Shares

    • Dollar Based Investing

    • No Investment Minimums 

    • Investment Consultations

    • Portfolio Management

  • Landlord Empire

    In this Real Estate Membership Level we will assist you in creating your Real Estate Investment Group utilizing our Investment Club Investment Accounts, Self Directed Accounts, In Depth Real Estate Investing Education, as well as the strategies and technology required to make it all work together


    The Landlord Empire Real Estate Investment Membership consists of a robust Real Estate investing educational curriculum accompanied by a REIT Portfolio, as we work together building your Rental Income Investment Portfolio. You also receive access to the online tools that help you find, analyze, finance and rehab investment properties.

  • The Business Start Up Factory

    This Business Membership level is for Entrepreneurs and those who desire to become business owners. Members receive in depth education on Digital Technologies and Strategies for Online Business, while investing to advance your entrepreneurial endeavours.


    Following the principles of group economics and community development, our program participants will receive in depth financial education, gain the ability to make business plans, take actions and learn the principles of investing for your business.

  • Kids Club Investment Training Program

    We help our Kids Club members create Investment Clubs for their Kids. Children of all ages will learn Finance & Investment Fundamentals that will last a lifetime. Participants learn the basics of the stock market while investing as part of an Investment Club. 


    Kids club members will receive financial education, gain the ability to make economic plans, and learn the principles of investing. The Kids Club Membership Includes:


    Financial Literacy Curriculum

    • Ages K through 12

    • Monthly Group Coaching 

    Custodial Investment Account

    Investment Club Account

Hoodoo Investment Club Syndicate

The Investment Club Creator is our Basic Membership Level for those who are not completely confident in their ability to maneuver the stock market, your best option is to get together with like-minded people and talk your way through decisions. That's why we assist our members in creating investment clubs as you learn the ropes of the market, having a good time and making new friends.

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  • Membership services include: 

    • Individual Investment Strategy Consultations
    • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
    • Financial Calculators
    • Asset Allocation Assessment
    • Online Individual Investment Account
    • Online Individual Retirement Account
    • Online Investment Club Account
  • Online Investment Accounts include features:​

    • Investment Automation
    • Fractional Shares & Dollar Based Investing
    • Commission Free Portfolio Trades
    • No Investment Minimums
    • Specialized Diversified Investment Portfolios
    • Auto Re-balancing
    • Tax Loss Harvesting
    • Fiduciary Responsibility
    • 24/7 Online Account Access​
  • Digital Investment Advisory

    • Online platform providing full-service brokerage
    • Online trading 
    • 24/7 Performance reporting 
    • Financial LIteracy
    • Financial Planning
    • Investment Management


Your Bonuses

  • Wills & Estate Planning eCourse

    In this eCourse we cover How to write a Will and Estate Planning and dealing with other important financial considerations involved with end of life decisions.

  • How To Achieve Your Financial Freedom

    Receive our eBook that discusses ''Financial Freedom'' which means the freedom from continuous financial responsibilities through a planned management and allocation of assets. Learn the steps that can free a person from back-breaking work by giving him a steady source of income for life.

  • Investment Strategy Consultation

    As a member you may use our scheduling app to book an investment strategy session or consultation.

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