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The Business Start Up Factory.

Entrepreneurs and those who desire to become business owners, will learn the Finance & Investment Fundamentals that will last a lifetime. Members receive training in all today's ecommerce solutions to advance their entrepreneurial endeavours.


Program participants will receive financial education, gain the ability to make business plans, and learn the principles of investing.

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The Business Start Up Factory

Program participants will receive entrepreneurial education, gain the ability to make business plans, evaluate the tools & strategies of doing business online, and learn the principles of investing.

  • Online Entrepreneurship Education, Participants learn the basics of eCommerce and the stock market while investing to advance their entrepreneurial endeavours. Most importantly we address the psychological and behavioral barriers to success that entrepreneurs face.

  • Investment Planning For Business, Your membership will allow you to engage in Investment Planning that will incorporate their personal & professional life circumstances. Your Investment planning can be personalized and designed to achieve your Business Objectives.

  • Tools & Resources, Membership benefits include comprehensive eBooks, lessons, videos, web pages, and worksheets covering specialized topics related to the multiple components of today's online activity.

  • Online Individual, Retirement, & Business Investment Accounts, Included as part of your Hoodoo Investment Club Syndicate Membership, each program participant may open an individual, Retirement, and/or Business investment account, as needed.

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