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The Investment Club Creator.

Our Investment Club Creator Program is designed to help you start an Investment Club. Bring together your group of friends, family, professionals, church family, or other like minded individuals to become financial literate, learn financial planning, and start investing as a group.


We help with the formation and administrative set up to get started. Your membership includes any number of Investment Accounts required to implement your Investment Strategy for your club and its members as individuals.

Start Your Investment Club.


The Investment Club Creator

If you're not completely confident in your ability to maneuver the stock market, your best option is to get together with like-minded people and talk your way through decisions. That's why an investment club is the best way for beginners' to learn the ropes of the market while having a good time and making new friends.

  • Financial Literacy, Your group will learn the steps investors can take to lower risk, diversify, and add flexibility in their personal investment planning.

  • Financial Planning, Learn to Improve your finances and understand the factors you must consider to build an Investment Portfolio that is appropriate for your investor profile.

  • Educational Resources, Receive targeted information that will help you guide your personal financial decision making.

  • Access Professional Advice, Take advantage of your ability to Invest using fractional shares, commission free trades, dollar based investing, auto rebalancing, no investment minimums, & tax loss harvesting

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