Build A Personalized Investment Portfolio

Portfolio Builder Investment Program

Our Portfolio Builder Investment Program is here to help Entrepreneurs & Individuals build a customized investment portfolio designed to achieve their investment goal.

Create A Family Financial Plan & Build Customized Investment Portfolios

Legacy Investors Financial Planning

Our comprehensive Financial Planning & Investment Program will design your path to Generational Wealth as we engage in Customized Portfolio Building. 

Investing For Kids

Learn To Invest For Your Children

This course will show you how to save for your children and teach them to take control of their financial lives into adulthood. We show you how to strengthen the money-saving lessons by getting them started as active investors.

Financial Faith

Financial Faith Impact Investing

This Financial Planning & Investment program addresses clients Ethics, Spirituality, Values & Activity surrounding Finance & Investment. We focus on concepts of Social Impact Investing with the intent to Motivate, Engage, Educate, & Move Clients to Action.

Family Fortune

Family Group Economics & Investing

Family Wealth is having assets that build wealth through family group economics and family financial planning. Guide your families success using Financial Literacy, Financial Planning, & Portfolio Management.

Planning & Investment

Financial Planning & Investment Fundamentals

The course will cover the personal financial planning concerns that are likely to affect all investors. Having an understanding of the issues will help you build an investment portfolio designed to achieve your goals.

What's Included?

You will engage in Investment Planning that will incorporate your personal & professional life circumstances. Your Investment planning and activity can be personalized and designed to achieve your family's financial objectives.

  • Financial Literacy

    Very few people receive financial education in school. We address our clients Financial Psychology & Investor Behavior. Our financial literacy approach is holistic & based on 4 principles:

    • Motivate
    • Engage
    • Educate
    • Move to Action
  • Investment Platform

    • Customizable Portfolio Building

    • Investment Automation

    • Fractional Shares

    • Dollar Based Investing

    • Commission Free Portfolio Trades

    • No Investment Minimums

    • Auto Rebalancing

    • Tax Loss Harvesting

    • 24/7 Account Access

  • Financial Planning

    Personal Financial Planning is a process of mapping decisions for spending, borrowing, saving and investing in order to achieve financial goals. We use Financial Planning Technology to help Improve your finances and build your Investment Portfolio.

    • Asset Assessments
    • Financial Forecasts
    • Financial Calculations
    • Detailed Cash Flow Analysis
    • Estate Planning Module
    • Business Planning Module
    • Comprehensive Financial Plans
  • Investment Advisory

    • Fiduciary Responsibility

    • Financial Consultation

    • Customized Portfolio Building

    • Wealth Management

    • Investing Advice

    • Asset Exclusion

    • Legacy Investing

    • Business Consultation