Group Economics, Investment Clubs & Real Estate.

Real Estate

Investment Portfolio Building.

In this program we will assist you in creating your Real Estate Portfolio using, Investment Groups, Investment Club Accounts, Financial Education, Investing Methods & Strategies, Tools, and the Technology required to make it all work together.


Real Estate Investment Program

The Landlord Empire Real Estate Investment Membership Program consists of an educational curriculum accompanied by a Customized Investment Portfolio of Real Estate Investment Trust Assets. 

  • Real Estate Marketing Tools​, Tools designed to automate your inbound marketing strategy, deliver more leads, and increase profits.

  • Real Estate Business Tools, Make repair estimates and rehab plans. Online deal analyzer to tell you if it’s a good deal.

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan,​ 

    Your financial circumstances are unique to your life, so we help you design your own pathway to achieve your Real Estate Investment Goals.

  • Investment Advisory Services​,

    Receive ongoing wealth management, financial advisory, crowdfunding and investment club services.

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