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The Family Fortune

One of the best uses of an Investment Club is as a vehicle for families to pool their money together for investing.


The family Investment Club can invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds; or use their pooled resources for real estate and start-up businesses.

Generational Wealth


The Family Fortune

The first step in setting up a family investment club is preparing the groundwork before sending a membership offer for your family that explains the particulars of the club.The Family Fortune Investment program will show you and your family how to achieve lofty goals with your loved ones and with the intention of building Generational Wealth.

  • Wealth Management Services, planning for the future, and teaching individuals how to manage their money, as well as in providing complete investment management services.

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan, because your financial circumstances are unique to your life, your dreams, your goals and objectives. We design a pathway to achieve your success.

  • Investment Portfolio, using fractional shares, commission free trades, dollar based investing, auto rebalancing, no investment minimums, & tax loss harvesting.

  • Financial Literacy, you will learn the steps investors can take to Lower Risk, Diversify, and add Flexibility in their investing.  Learn to Improve your finances and understand  how to Decide On a Clear Objective for Your Investment Portfolio.

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