Learn to put your Money where your Values are & make a Social Impact.

Financial Faith Impact Investing Program.

The course gives an overview of Impact Investing from a Faith Based perspective. Participants learn methods that allow them to proactively support their values through their investing.


Learn to invest to support your social, personal, cultural, and religious values through Sustainable & Impact Investing.


Financial Faith Impact Investing Program

Our comprehensive Financial Planning & Investment program addresses the clients Ethics, Spirituality, Values & Activity surrounding Finance & Investment. We focus on concepts of Social Impact Investing with the intent to Motivate, Engage, Educate, & Move Clients to Action.

  • Financial Literacy, You will learn the steps investors can take to lower risk, diversify, and add flexibility while investing to support your values.  Learn to Improve your finances and understand  how to decide on a clear values based objective for your Investment Portfolio

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan, Because your financial circumstances are unique to your life, your dreams, your goals, values and objectives. We design a pathway to achieve your success.

  • Investment Portfolio, We use fractional shares, commission free trades, dollar based investing, auto rebalancing, no investment minimums, & tax loss harvesting, investment automation and asset exclusion to build a portfolio that aligns with your values

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